Sword of Legends

Gu Jian Qi Tan, Legend of the Ancient Sword
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The fate of the world rests on the shoulders of the young and quiet swordsman. During the Tang Dynasty, Baili Tusu (Li Yi Feng) has been infected with a mysterious aura from a demonic sword known as the Sword of Burning Solitude. The dark energy has led him to grow up alone and live without a family. When he meets two warriors, Ouyang Shao Gong (Qiao Zhen Yu) and Fang Lan Sheng (Ma Tian Yu), who are on the hunt for a magical jade that can be used to create a resurrection elixir, Tusu joins the men on their hunt. Tusu also meets Feng Qing Xue (Yang Mi), an immortal girl who is searching for her brother, and together they wander the land to face their destinies and restore balance to the world. “Legend of the Ancient Sword” is a 2014 Chinese drama series directed by Liang Sheng Quan and Huang Jun Wen.