Daughter Back

Return of the Heiress, Daughter Is Back, The Return of a Princess


A mother’s tragic death leaves a young girl set to inherit the mighty Shen Corporation. But until Shen Chang Qing (Li Qin) can reach the legal age of 21, the company is entrusted with her father, Pan Wei San (Winston Chao), who is allowed to run the company on Chang Qing’s behalf but cannot marry until his daughter turns 21. Instead, Wei San brings his lover, Ding Ya Qin (Cheng Pei Pei), and her daughter, Ding Jia Hui (Shen Min Xi), into the house as an “aunt.” At a banquet for Chang Qing’s 22nd birthday, she learns a shocking secret behind her mother’s death and the perpetrators also try to stage another accident to have Chang Qing meet the same fate. Barely escaping with her life, Chang Qing becomes determined to seek revenge on the very people closest to her who are out to steal her company from under her. Although Chang Qing falls in love with the handsome doctor Lin Hao (Li Yi Feng), she realizes that she needs the acumen of the cutthroat businessman Sun Jin Rui (Lee Wei) to help her carry out her revenge. Can Chang Qing protect her company without forsaking her own personal happiness? “Daughter Back” is a 2013 Chinese drama series.