Gunman In Joseon

Gunfighter of Joseon, The Joseon Gunman, The Joseon Shooter
Gunman In Joseon
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Gunman In Joseon


The weapon that protected Joseon since its founding was the sword. It was always up to the sword to end the battle. However, a new rifle that flowed into Joseon during the time of enlightenment reversed such a notion. Ironically, the muzzle of the new rifle aims at the king and scholars who insist on enlightenment. To fight against it, Yoon Kang, the son of Joseon's best swordsman Park Jin Han, abandons his sword and confronts his enemy with a rifle. While the king was humiliated by the Chinese emperor and the people groaned in pain because of paying tributes, Park Yoon Kang appears as a gunman to revenge on the aristocrats who were preoccupied with protecting their power and wealth.