Yoo Na’s Street

Yuna's Street
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Can a neighbor change your life? In a boarding house owned by former gangster Han Man Bok (Lee Moon Sik) and his wife, Madam Hong (Kim Hee Jung), a hodgepodge group of petty criminals, other “bottom feeders” and working-class people live as neighbors. Kang Yoo Na (Kim Ok Bin), one of the boarders, is the daughter of a legendary pickpocket who followed in her father’s footsteps and has been convicted three times. Infamous in pickpocketing circles for her skill, compassion and sense of honor, Yoo Na always tries to help out her underlings while trying to evade being captured by police. Her roommate is Kim Mi Sun (Seo Yoo Jung), a gold digger who has affairs with wealthy married men to extort money from them. Also living in the building are Byeon Chil Bok (Kim Young Woong), a day laborer who struggles to find work, and his wife, Uhm Hye Sook (Kim Eun Soo), who works at the “colatech” (a dance hall for seniors) owned by Man Bok; Old Man Jang (Jeong Jong Jun), a former gangster boss who has lost his bite; Hong Gye Pal (Jo Hee Bong), Madam Hong’s younger brother who can’t do anything right; and Man Bok’s children, Da Young (Shin So Yul) and Dong Min (Baek Chang Min). When good-natured Kim Chang Man (Lee Hee Joon) moves into the building, all of their lives begin to change. Chang Man is a straight-talking jack of all trades who is unemployed at the moment but is studying to take the civil service exam. After he meets Yoo Na and his other neighbors, he quickly becomes a positive force in their lives. Can one man teach a group of misfits the true meaning of family, even when it’s a bottom-feeding family? “Yoo Na’s Street” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Im Tae Woo and Kim Jae Hong. It is a remake of the 1994 drama “Seoul’s Moon” by the same writer, Kim Woon Kyung.