Fabulous Boys

He’s Beautiful, You’re Beautiful, You’re Beautiful Taiwan Version, Yuan Lai Shi Mei Nan
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What would you do if you had to choose between becoming a nun or becoming a vocalist in a popular boy band? Gao Mei Nu (Cheng Yu Xi) is suddenly faced with that decision when her brother needs her help. Gao Mei Nan (also played by Cheng Yu Xi) is chosen to join the popular boy band A.N.JELL as its newest member, but he is forced to go to the United States to fix a botched eye plastic surgery after being signed. Mei Nan’s agent comes up with the brilliant idea to have Mei Nu, who is in training to become a nun, to stand in for her brother and pretend to a be a male idol singer. Can she keep her true identity from the other band members, lead vocalist Huang Tai Jing (Jiro Wang), guitarist Jiang Xin Yu (Hwang In Deok) and rapper Jeremy (Evan Yo)? “Fabulous Boys” is a 2013 Taiwanese drama series. It is a remake of the popular 2009 Korean drama “You’re Beautiful.”