Hwa Jung, the Princess of Light

Hwajung, Princess Jeongmyeong, Splendid Politics
Hwa Jung, the Princess of Light
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Hwa Jung, the Princess of Light


Princess Jeongmyeong is the only grandchild and princess of King Seonjo, the fourteenth king of Joseon. Having grown up with receiving plenty of love from the royal family, Jeongmyeong is driven into a tragic life once Gwanghae, her half-brother, takes over the throne. Having to become a low-class person in one fell swoop, she fights to survive while in Japan. Then with the help of Hong Ju Won, she returns to Joseon while hiding her identity and joins the armory, which is the central part of Gwanghae\u2019s reign. Being in charge of the armory, Ju Won and Princess Jeongmyeong are in love with each other, but he stands with Gwanghae. Born as the child of a concubine, Gwanghae engages in ruthless and cruel politics to protect Joseon and his power. What will be the end result to the political confrontation between Gwanghae, Injo and Jeongmyeong over the throne?