The Girl Who Sees Smells

A Girl Who Sees Smells, Sensory Couple
The Girl Who Sees Smells
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The Girl Who Sees Smells


Cho Rim comes home from school and finds out that her parents were killed by a serial killer. She also gets into a car accident while running away from the killer and stays in a coma state for six months. When she wakes up, she doesn\u2019t remember what happened in the past or her own name. And she gains a supernatural power that enables her to see smells. Moo Gak, a detective, also loses his younger sister named Eun Seol, to a murderer. He gets a big shock and loses consciousness, which takes him six months to regain consciousness. Without knowing each other\u2019s painful family loss history, Cho Rim and Moo Gak meet each other, and Cho Rim\u2019s ability becomes a big help to Moo Gak, and they become very close.