The Investiture of the Gods

The First Myth, Creation of the Gods
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Can a great Taoist warrior protect the heavens from evil spirits? Jiang Zi Ya (Sammul Chan) is a military strategist who was mentored by Yuan Shi Tian Zun, the primeval lord of Heaven and one of the highest deities of Taoism. Shen Gong Bao (Zhang Ming Ming), Zi Ya’s apprentice, becomes jealous of Zi Ya’s supernatural powers and steals his Seven Color Stone, a magic stone that can repair the hole in Heaven. The tyrannical King Wu of Zhou (Johnny Zhang) angers the Chinese goddess Nuwa, who orders three evil spirits to shadow the man carrying the magic stone so they can try to overthrow King Wu of Zhou. When one of the king’s men tries to get the king to take his daughter, Daji (Viann Zhang), as a concubine, Daji disobeys her father’s marriage orders and commits suicide. But one of the evil spirits (the fox) transforms into Daji in order to seduce the king and manipulate him. After defeating Zi Ya, Gong Bao joins forces with King Wu of Zhou. Can Zi Ya defeat Gong Bao in the ultimate battle and take back the stone that can protect the heavens? “The Investiture of the Gods” is a 2014 Chinese drama series directed by Wang Wei Ting and Yang Jian Wu. It is based on the classic novel “Fengshen Yanyi” by Xu Zhong Lin and Lu Xi Xing. The sequel “The Investiture of the Gods II” originally aired in 2015.