The Man in the Mask

Masked Investigator, Masked Prosecutor
The Man in the Mask
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The Man in the Mask


Ha Dae Cheol is a prosecutor that works at the South District Prosecutors\u2019 Office, and Yoo Min Hui is a capable detective at the Homicide Department of Gangnam Police Station. Dae Cheol feels there are always loopholes in the law, and the law is not always equal for everyone. So he works as a materialistic prosecutor in the daytime and becomes a man in the mask who seeks justice using violence at night. For Dae Cheol, Min Hui is the only love. However, due to her old trauma, Min Hui finds it hard to form intimate relationships with men. Hyeon Ung, Dae Cheol\u2019s stepbrother and a prosecutor, also falls in love with Min Hui, drawing a love triangle.