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Eun Bi is a high school girl who lives without her parents in Tongyeong. She keeps being bullied by other students and is forced to drop out of school. She tries to kill herself out of frustration and pain by jumping into a river. However, she is saved by Eun Byeol, her twin sister. Eun Byeol was adopted by a wealthy family when she was young. After being rescued, Eun Bi is admitted to a hospital, but she has lost her memory. To make matters worse, Eun Byeol goes missing. Mi Kyung, Eun Byeol's adoptive mother, searches everywhere, looking for her. And when she runs into Eun Bi, she mistakes her for Eun Byeol. Not remembering anything, Eun Bi thinks she really is Eun Byeol and starts living as her. Revolving around the high school girl whose life has been changed by a twist of fate, the various aspects of students' lives unfold.