The Disguiser

Wei Zhuang Zhe, The Pretender
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Set during the Japanese occupation of China, a young man is kidnapped by a powerful organization and trained to become a spy. Ming Tai (Hu Ge) is a naïve youngest brother of the Ming family, but his skills are recognized by Wang Tian Feng (Liu Yi Jun), the leader of the powerful Kuo Min Tang organization, and trained to become a spy. Partnered with Yu Man Li (Song Yi), Tai is given the code name “Scorpion” and sent to become an underground spy for the Communists. Tai’s adopted oldest brother, Ming Lou (Jin Dong), also is a powerful secret agent who has ties to the Kuo Min Tang, the Communists and the New Government, but his true loyalties are a mystery. Ming Cheng (Wang Kai) serves as his brother’s trusted sidekick. Sister Ming Jing (Liu Min Tao) tried to shield Tai from the dangerous political arena but to no avail. Can Tai work together with his brothers to somehow bring down their enemies and help end the Japanese occupation? “The Disguiser” is a 2015 Chinese dramas series directed by Li Xui. It is based on the novel “The Spy War on Shanghai Beach” by Zhang Yong.