Kimchi Family

Fermentation Family
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A traditional Korean restaurant called Chunjiin, famous for its kimchi, may hold the secrets to a troubled man’s past. Ki Ho Tae (Song Il Gook) grew up as an orphan and then went to work for a crime syndicate to survive. Tired of living that kind of lifestyle, he lashes out at other members of the gang and ends up having to lay low. By chance, he comes to the Chunjiin Restaurant, a family-owned restaurant that somehow evokes childhood memories he didn’t know he had. The restaurant is run by Lee Kang San (Park Jin Hee) and her sister Lee Woo Joo (Lee Min Young), with the help of longtime employee Do Sik (Choi Jae Sung), after their father leaves without notice one day. With his excellent palate, Ho Tae starts his new life as an employee at the restaurant. But can he learn why the place seems to hold a key to his unknown past? “Kimchi Family” is a 2011 South Korean drama series directed by Park Chan Hong.