I Have a Lover

I Am Taken, I Have a Lover, I'm Taken, Identical Affairs
I Have a Lover
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I Have a Lover


Do Hae Kang is a lawyer notorious for pulling big power trips on people. All she cares about is entering high society, and she devotes herself only to the wealthy and powerful. On the other hand, her twin sister, Dokgo Yong Ki, is an ordinary person without any power, but she never draws back before injustice. Eventually, she puts her life in jeopardy, going against the tyranny of the powerful. In the desperate rattrap, the twin reunites as if it was all destined to happen. The cold and mean Hae Kang loses her memory in the accident, and her life has been reset. And she falls in love again with her husband, who she once hated to death. No, she misconducts herself with her husband.