The Virtual Bride

Taming Mother-in-Law, The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law
The Virtual Bride
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The Virtual Bride


In Yeong, a member of an unpopular girl band, reluctantly accepts an offer to appear in a show to experience a role of a daughter-in-law in order to survive in the harsh showbiz industry. In the show, she becomes a fake daughter-in-law of Chun Ja and a fake wife of Myeong Seok, the eldest son of the eldest son\u2019s family. Chun Ja and Myeong Seok do not really like In Yeong at first, even knowing that it is only for show. However, they are saved from a crisis with the help of In Yeong, and Myeong Seok gradually falls in love with her. Check out if they will be able to become a real family.