iPartment Season 4



Seven friends living in the same apartment building deal with their own uneven paths to personal happiness. Xiao Xian (Chen He) and Yi Fei (Lou Yi Xiao) find that their careers are going great but their relationship with each other is not progressing as smoothly. Zi Qiao (Sun Yi Zhou) has mended his relationship with Mei Jia, but how will he react when he realizes that Mei Jia is pregnant? As Guan Gu (Wang Chuan Jun) and You You (Deng Jia Jia) prepare to get married, but the Japanese Embassy has a record of Guan Gu already being married at the age of 18, and his wife of record shows up at the apartment out of the blue. Zhan Bo (Jin Shi Jia) has worked hard to get over his relationship with Wan Yu, but what will he do when he finds out that Wan Yu is being forced to marry someone else? Zhang Wei (Li Jia Hang) returns to the apartment after working in another city. Will these friends be able to find the right roads to maturity and happiness? “iPartment Season 4” is the fourth season of a Chinese drama series.