Imaginary Cat

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What could be more therapeutic than a furry friend? Hyun Jong Hyun (Yoo Seung Ho) is an aspiring webtoon writer whose ideas keep getting rejected by companies because he narrowly, stubbornly focuses on scenarios that are of interest only to him. He is emotionally cut off from everyone and is only interested in himself. On a rainy day, Jong Hyun comes across a stray cat, Bok Gil (Han Ye Ri), and he takes the cat home with him. Bok Gil is an overweight, old cat, but she was quite the cat’s meow in her day. She was once sexy and desirable – but the advent of age and the extra pounds from overeating have contributed to her losing her once girlish figure and energy. With Jong Hyun, Bok Gil is happy to have a new butler in her life who serves her three meals and day and plays with her on command. But as Jong Hyun and Bok Gil gradually open up to each other, they become a source of comfort and warmth for each other. In order to support Bok Gil, Jong Hyun has no choice but to go work part-time at Naeil Bookstore until he can establish his career as a webtoon writer. Oh Na Woo (Jo Hye Jung), a photography student who is taking a break from her studies and working part-time at a café, is drawn to both Jong Hyun and Bok Gil. “Imaginary Cat” is a 2015 South Korean drama series directed by Lee Hyun Joo. It is based on the webcomic “Sangsanggoyangi” written by Kim Gyung.