Typically Women

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Is it possible for a woman to set her own terms for the way she wants to live her life? Na Yoon Joo (Hwang In Young), Mo Seol Hee (Oh Joo Eun) and Song Joo Nam (Jung Yang) are all in different stages in their lives but struggle with societal pressures to define how they live. Yoon Joo cringes at the label of divorcee that society puts on her and wants to date and live freely. Seol Hee loves her career and doesn’t want to settle down, and hates the fact that she is labeled as a “Gold Miss” but not being married in her 30s. Joo Nam has been married for the past eight years and is exhausted from working and then having to do everything in her household when she gets home. Can these women break free of the societal judgment and set their own terms? “Typically Women” is a 2010 South Korean drama series directed by Jung Heum Moon.