Come Back Alive

Please Come Back, Mister, Hello, My Precious, Come Back Ahjussi, Come Back Mister, Come Back, Uncle
Come Back Alive
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Come Back Alive


Idiot, middle-aged employee, loser daddy, and workaholic Young Soo suddenly encounters death by overwork. Gi Tak, once a mob boss who washed his hands of gang life and now runs a pub, also ends up leaving this world due to an unjust accident. Both meet in the afterlife as they board a train bound for heaven but quickly decide to jump off together as they aren't ready to say goodbye. They wish to return to mortal life in order to leave their loved ones in good hands, so they make a deal with an angel to reincarnate. The kind Young Soo returns as a total hardbody and Gi Tak as a beautiful young woman, but both soon end up running into difficulties as the bodies they're reborn into have problems of their own!