Go! Goal! Fighting!

Shao Nian Soccer, Youth Soccer
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What can lure a retired coach back into the game? Mu Qi (Hu Ge) is a retired soccer coach who is having financial problems because of his past gambling habit. When he is asked to come back to the sport and coach the Yan Cui Ying High School’s losing soccer team, it doesn’t take too much arm-twisting to take the job. There, Mu Qi meets the passionate Pei Duo (Maggie Jiang), a math teacher who has been coaching the soccer team but sorely needs help whipping the group of misfits into shape. When Mu Qi and Pei Duo can’t agree on their philosophy for coaching the team, is there any hope of turning the losing team around and making it to the annual championships? “Go! Goal! Fighting!” is a 2016 Chinese drama series directed by Li Guo Li.