Sweet Stranger and Me

Man Living at My House, Man Living in Our House, The Man Living in Our House, Sweet Stranger in My House, Sweet Stranger in Our House
Sweet Stranger and Me
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Sweet Stranger and Me


Na Ri is a cabin attendant with five years of experience. Although she has a clumsy personality, she\u2019s a reliable and professional cabin crew as she pursues perfectionism in her career. When she finally manages to get over the loss of her mother, she witnesses her fianc\u00E9\u2019s affair and gets shocked. One day, she visits her hometown and runs into Nan Gil, who runs a very famous dumpling place, and gets entangled with him. There\u2019s a rich yet lonely guy named Duk Bong, the third son of the owner of Greenland Group. He\u2019s been leading a lonely life since his first love betrayed him, but his life changes after he meets Nan Gil and Na Ri.