The Fox's Summer

Fox Fall In Love, Lying Girlfriend, Fox Falls in Love
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The best-laid plans should never be expected to go well. Gu Cheng Ze (Jiang Chao) is the CEO of the Gu Mall Corporation. But his adopted family wants their biological son, Gu Jin Yu (Daniel Zhang), to take over the reigns of family company and puts Cheng Ze in charge of grooming the heir. When Cheng Ze learns that Jin Yu still harbors feelings for his ex-girlfriend, fashion designer Li Yan Shu (Tan Song Yun), Cheng Ze hires her to join the company to entice Jin Yu to join the company. The plan works until Jin Yu’s disapproving mother demands that Chang Ze separate Jin Yu and Yan Shu. When Cheng Ze starts to develop feelings for Yan Shu, what will become of his carefully laid plans? “The Fox’s Summer” is a 2017 Chinese drama series directed by Yu Zhong Zhong. The story continues in “The Fox’s Summer Season 2” (2017). The series is based on the online novel When the President Falls in Love by Shen Cang Mei.