Falling in Love, Festival, You've Fallen for Me


Can today’s rock ’n roll find harmony with traditional Korean folk music? In Heartstrings, Lee Shin (Jung Yong Hwa, of the band CN Blue) is the lead vocalist and guitarist for a rock band. Lee Gyu Won (Park Shin Hye) is a traditional gayageum (Korean zither-like instrument with 12 strings) player and a progeny of Korean traditional music. Their worlds collide at a performing arts college, where he is majoring in Western Music and she in Korean Traditional Music. Shin, a moody and aloof city boy, is initially smitten with dance professor Jung Yoon Soo (So Yi Hyun), but that quickly changes when he meets the feisty Gyu Won, who is considered Korean folk music royalty. Both Shin and Gyu Won care a lot about their respective musical styles, at the expense of everything else in their lives. Can their two divergent passions be reconciled? The two lead actors previously starred together in the 2009 drama “You’re Beautiful.”