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Pretty Li Hui Zhen


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Pretty Li Hui Zhen


Life’s many challenges can have a tremendous impact on your outward appearance. Li Hui Zhen (Dilmurat Dilraba) was a beauty in her younger years, but years of hardship on her family has taken a toll on her physical appearance. Her childhood friend Bai Hao Yu (Peter Sheng) experiences a reverse fortune and his dapper good looks in adulthood is an outward manifestation of his prosperity later in life. When Hao Yu tracks down Hui Zhen and wants to reconnect, Hui Zhen is embarrassed by her current appearance and sends her stylish best friend and roommate, Xia Qiao (Sierra Li), in her place. But when Hui Zhen lands an internship at a company that she has been trying to break into, she is shocked to find out that Hao Yu is her new boss. As Hui Zhen tries to hide her true identity from Hao Yu, magazine reporter Lin Yi Mu (Zhang Vin) begins to show an interest in her. How long can Hui Zhen keep up the charade with Hao Yu? “Pretty Li Hui Zhen” is a 2017 Chinese drama series. It is a remake of the hit 2015 Korean drama “She Was Pretty.”

Original title
Romanized title
Piao Liang De Li Hui Zhen
Also known as
She Was Pretty (China Version)
Volunteer Team
Gone with the Shirt team
Broadcast Network
Hunan TV
Broadcast Period
China Romance Comedy Drama


Episode 28
EN 0% China
Episode 27
EN 0% China
Pretty Li Hui Zhen Episode 26
Episode 26
EN 100% China
Pretty Li Hui Zhen Episode 25
Episode 25
EN 100% China
Pretty Li Hui Zhen Episode 24
Episode 24
EN 100% China
Pretty Li Hui Zhen Episode 23
Episode 23
EN 100% China


Peter Sheng
Main Cast

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Pretty Li Hui Zhen

Pretty Li Hui Zhen

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