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The Masked Lover


EN 100% Taiwan, Taiwanese Drama

The Masked Lover


Twin sisters lead opposite lives.

Wu Ping An (Mini Tsai) is the tough-as-nails boss of the powerful Yi Qing Group, a mob organization. Her twin sister is the sweet Wu Ping Fan (also played by Mini Tsai), who lives a quiet, simple life overseas.

An unexpected accident puts Ping An in a coma, and their mother orders Ping Fan to return to Taiwan to secretly assume the life of Ping An for the sake of the organization.

Thrust into the dangerous crime world, Ping Fan grows to rely on the protection of Gu Le Jun (Weber Yang) and falls in love with him. But when Ping Fan learns Le Jun’s true identity, what will happen to her already crazy life?

“The Masked Lover” is a 2017 Taiwanese drama series.

Original title
Romanized title
Wo De Ai Qing Bu Ping Fan
Volunteer Team
The Dark Secret Team
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
03-26-2017 to 08-06-2017
Taiwan Taiwanese Drama Romance Drama


Episode 15
EN 0% Taiwan
The Masked Lover Episode 14
Episode 14
EN 98% Taiwan
The Masked Lover Episode 13
Episode 13
EN 100% Taiwan
The Masked Lover Episode 12
Episode 12
EN 100% Taiwan
The Masked Lover Episode 11
Episode 11
EN 100% Taiwan
The Masked Lover Episode 10
Episode 10
EN 100% Taiwan


Weber Yang
Main Cast
Mini Tsai
Main Cast
Kurt Chou
Main Cast
Genie Chen
Main Cast

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The Masked Lover

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