To the Beautiful You

To the Beautiful You (Hana Kimi Korean Version), Beautiful You, For You in Full Blossom, Hana Kimi
To the Beautiful You
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To the Beautiful You


All the youth in the world is beautiful because they do not fear facing the scorching sun, starting something new, calling others' names, or falling in love with someone. Jae Hee transfers to a boys' high school from the States to help Tae Joon regain his own feet as Tae Joon was there for her when she was at her lowest. Although Tae Joon announces his retirement as a high jumper, he slowly opens his heart thanks to Jae Hee. Eun Gyeol feels confused about his gender identity because of Jae Hee, who is disguised as a boy. But the boys here enjoy training and exercising regardless of their records and beyond competition and form beautiful bonds and show what real youth is like. Check out how the boys grow as humans and as athletes.