Queen for Seven Days

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Queen for Seven Days
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Queen for Seven Days


Queen for Seven Days is a historical drama that draws attention to the Queen who was dethroned from her position after merely just seven days during the Joseon dynasty. While she was on the throne, Lady Shin, or Queen Dan Gyeong, is said to have been forcibly expelled from the palace by her political rivals. She's been known to be the shortest person to have reigned as a Queen in the history of Korea. It's also been known that the King and the Queen spent the rest of their lives longing for each other after she was dethroned and abandoned. Unlike how everyone else used to look at him with fear in their eyes, Lee Yung met a young woman who reached out to him first. For her, he desired to become a good king, but the world was too cruel to him. This fictional drama focuses on the love and struggle of the woman who was unwillingly drawn into the political world.