Wednesday 3:30 PM

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If you still can’t get over your ex-boyfriend, how do you win his heart back?   Seon Eun Woo (Jin Ki Joo) was dumped by her boyfriend, Baek Seung Gyu (Ahn Bo Hyun). But she can’t get over her feelings for him and wants him back. Then she has a brilliant idea.   Eun Woo enlists the help of her longtime childhood friend, Yoon Jae Won (Hongbin), to enter into a fake relationship with her with the goal of making Seung Gyu jealous. Jae Won moves in with Eun Woo to play out her elaborate scheme to show off their love all over her social media.   But how will Kim Hye Won (Kim Hye Ji) spoil Eun Woo’s perfect plan? And what happens when Eun Woo and Jae Won’s pretend feelings start to turn real?   “Wednesday 3:30 PM” is a 2017 South Korean web drama series. The title refers to the part of the day when women are supposedly at their least attractive time.