Revolutionary Love

Byunhyuk's Love


The son of a wealthy family, Byun Hyuk (Choi Siwon) has spent his entire life wanting for nothing. With the family’s large company always serving as a fall-back, Byun Hyuk has never bothered to make any specific life goals or even dream any particular dreams. He has simply flitted through life, doing as he pleases, without any real direction or purpose. But all that changes after he meets Baek Joon (Kang Sora). A hard-working woman with very specific dreams and goals, Baek Joon is all too familiar with the day-to-day struggles of life. Having graduated from a good university, Baek Joon should have been able to land a good job at a good company, but it just never happened. Needing to make money any way she could, Baek Joon began taking on part-time jobs to make ends meet. With a positive attitude and an innate sense of justice, Baek Joon goes through life trying to do as much good as she can but she’s pushed to her limits when Byun Hyuk walks into her life. Growing up sheltered from the harsh realities of life, Byun Hyuk gets a serious reality check when he decides to move into a small studio apartment in Baek Joon’s neighborhood. Keeping his identity a secret, Baek Joon has no idea who her new neighbor is, but it doesn’t take her long to realize he’s in serious need of some help. Taking Byun Hyuk under her wing, Baek Joon begins to teach her new neighbor some very valuable life lessons and together they begin to make their way into a brave new world. A story of life, love, and bravely moving forward, “Revolutionary Love” is a 2017 romantic drama directed by Song Hyun Wook.