Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me Season 1



A bizarre twist of fate throws impoverished tearaway milk delivery girl Chu Xia (Fei Xing) together with an unlikely Prince Charming – ruthless know-it-all business heir Han Qi Lu (Li Hong Yi), known to his schoolmates as Master Devil. Tragedy strikes – Chu Xia finds herself orphaned and homeless. At the dying request of Chu Xia’s mother, the Han family agrees to take her in until she reaches university age, much to Han Qi Lu’s dismay. But things soon get worse for him when his family insists Chu Xia must attend the same exclusive private school Han Qi Lu currently lords it over. Not everyone at the school is enamored with their quirky new classmate – least of all the Master Devil himself! But Chu Xia’s street-smarts help her find her way out of countless scrapes, winning her a few friends on the way! Will Han Qi Lu and his school friends scare off Chu Xia, or will she win everyone over with her own unique charms? And will the bitter adversity between Chu Xia and Master Devil turn into something altogether…sweeter? This series is based on a hit novel by Jin Xia Mo. “Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me Season 1” is a 2017 Chinese romantic comedy-drama.