Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me Season 2

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The plot thickens! Fate has brought former milk delivery girl Chu Xia (Fei Xing) and the heir to the Han family riches Han Qi Lu (Li Hong Yi) together under the same roof – and to the same school. At his expensive private school, Han Qi Lu is known as Master Devil – and with his ruthless streak, he certainly lives up to his moniker! Love was already complicated for the duo and their classmates in season 1, but this season things get even stickier as eager love rivals start to make their feelings known for both Chu Xia and Han Qi Lu. Besides the affairs of the heart, life is getting increasingly complex for Chu Xia, who is abducted by mystery villains – but the quick-thinking Han Qi Lu is on hand to help. And things intensify when the mystery surrounding Cha Xia’s true identity – and that of her father – begins to unravel. Will Chu Xia learn of the secrets that led to her birth? And does the Master Devil’s heart truly belong to sometime adversary Chu Xia? This series is based on a hit novel by Jin Xia Mo. “Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me Season 2” is a 2017 Chinese romantic comedy-drama.