King is Not Easy


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King is Not Easy


Da Xi (Bai Lu) is a gifted cook who sells her fare at a popular food stall in the Chinese capital.

However, she dreams of finding true love. And one day, she thinks her prayers have been answered – when she lays eyes on a dashing imperial guardsman.

In a desperate bid to win his heart, she disguises herself as a maid of the imperial court to gain access to the palace.

But her plan backfires horribly when her cover is blown by none other than the Emperor Ji Man (Zhang Yi Jie).

Believing her to be an assassin, he chases her down as she tries to escape. But in the confusion that follows, the Emperor and the cook end up exchanging bodies – her mind and soul become trapped in his body and vice versa!

When Da Xi – now in the Emperor’s body – continues her pursuit of the guardsman’s affections, chaos erupts in the Imperial palace, while the Emperor is at a loss when it comes to explaining why he now appears to be no more than a lowly commoner!

Will true love win the day against all odds? And can Dai Xi and the Emperor ever return to life as they once knew it?

“King Is Not Easy” is a 2017 Chinese drama directed by David Liu.

Original title
Romanized title
Da Wang Bu Rong Yi
Volunteer Team
The Switcheroo Couple Team
Broadcast Network
Tencent TV
Broadcast Period
08-30-2017 to 09-28-2017
Mainland China Web Drama Romantic Comedy Fantasy Costume & Period


King is Not Easy Episode 1
Episode 1
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King is Not Easy Episode 2
Episode 2
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King is Not Easy Episode 3
Episode 3
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King is Not Easy Episode 4
Episode 4
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King is Not Easy Episode 5
Episode 5
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King is Not Easy Episode 6
Episode 6
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Bai Lu
Main Cast
Zhang Yi Jie
Main Cast
Gao Yu Er
Supporting Cast
Zhao Yi Qin
Supporting Cast

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