Because This Is My First Life

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Who has time for love when finances are on the mind? Nam Sae Hee (Lee Min Ki) is a socially awkward man in his early 30s who has spent his life’s savings purchasing his own house. While he can now be called the master of his own home, his finances are in a sorry state and his job as an IT employee provides him with next to no disposable income after paying off his mortgage. Yoon Ji Ho (Jung So Min), also in her 30s, is a homeless writer who barely makes enough to feed herself. Dating is the last thing on the mind for these financially strapped singles. Through a turn of events, Ji Ho comes to rent a place to stay in Sae Hee’s house and they find themselves as landlord and tenant.   How will these individuals grow in the unexpected circumstance of being thrust together? Is there room for romance in such impoverished situations? Can they help each other work through their personal, familial, and financial issues?   “Because This Is My First Life” is a 2017 South Korean drama series. Reinventing a relatively predictable drama plot, this heart-fluttering and highly addictive Kdrama, together with its stellar cast, might have you on a binge spree.