Special Laws of Romance

Special Law Romance, Judging Romance, Romance Special Law, Romance Amendment
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If only interacting with a beautiful young woman as as easy as dispensing the law. Jeong Eui Chan (Kim Min Kyu) is a handsome young judge who is known as the “idol of the legal world.” The no-nonsense Eui Chan lives with senior judge Lee Dong Hoon (Ryu Jin) and Prosecutor Kang Se Woong (Hyuk) in the same house. Dong Hoon only sees his wife, who works in another city, on the weekends, and Se Woong is a social butterfly who is always out having fun. When Eui Chan meets Seo Ji Hye (Park Cho Rong), the runs a wood furniture workshop, he becomes smitten with her but doesn’t know quite how to behave around her. Things get complicated when Se Woong also develops feelings for Ji Hye. “Special Laws of Romance” is a 2017 South Korean web drama directed by Park Seon Jae.