Heart Signal



When eight strangers start living together for a month, anything can happen. With a panel of experts in love and dating looking on, four men and four women, from completely different walks of life, agree to spend the next month sharing the same house. Tasked with the single mission, to anonymously text a different resident every night, the panelists watch as relationships among the residents begin to form.  With their various areas of expertise, the panelists begin to predict which residents might actually find love and which are really better off as friends. An unpredictable game of love, “Heart Signal” is a 2017 variety show directed by Lee Jin Min, Park Kyong Sik, Yoon Seung Young, Yun Hoon Ki, Choi Yoon Ah, Kim Hye In, Shin Yoo Jin, Nam Eun Young, Jung Sung Hee, Kim Na Ra, and Choi Eunji.