Queen Dugu

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In 6th-century China, the young Dugu Jia Luo (Joe Chen) is the seventh daughter of the Duke of Wei, an influential general in a land dominated by warring families. Political chaos is rife, and civil war rages throughout the factitious territories that will one day become China. Dugu Jia Luo’s life is thrown into turmoil when a scheming public official sees to it that her family is unfairly blamed for wrongdoing. She and her family become pariahs. But the young Dugu Jia Luo resolves to learn from this bitter experience. She decides to become a strong-minded woman who lets justice and honor rules everything she does. She marries a young man named Yang Jian (Chen Xiao), the eldest son of the Duke of Sui. The young Dugu Jia Luo and Yang Jian make a solemn and fateful pledge of fidelity to one another. With her quick wits, and his formidable skills on the battlefield, the couple soon realizes that they have what it takes to put an end to decades of war – and unite China under the Sui banner. But the custom of taking concubines is common among Chinese royalty. So what will become of their vow of monogamy if Yang Jian does become the Emperor of China? And does this young couple really have what it takes to establish a dynasty that can bring the country out of civil war – and into a new golden era of history?   This drama is based on the true story of Emperor Wen and his wife, the Empress consort Wenxian, who died just after the turn of the 7th Century.   “Queen Dugu” is a 2019 Chinese drama series directed by Zhang Xiao Zheng.