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Lin Xiao Chun (He Lan Dou), Chen Chen Chen (Esther Yu), Han Yi Tong (Wang Yan Zhi), Ni Jin (Yang Zhi Ying), and Zhang Sheng Nan (Vian Wang) have a lot in common. They’re all university students in their twenties who call the same dormitory home. But just because they have a lot in common doesn’t mean they’re living the same life. Growing up in the heavy shadow of her perfect older sister, Chen Chen often struggles with her own self-confidence. Painfully shy and a bit of a coward, Xiao Chun has always struggled to fit in with her peers. Raised by her single mother, Yi Tong has always tried to keep an optimistic attitude, despite the fact that she has spent her entire life simply trying to gain the attention of her mother. Choosing to ignore the realities of life, Ni Jin lives her life entirely dependent on her current sugar daddy while Sheng Nan’s life is exactly the opposite. The sole supporter of her, Sheng Nan works a number of part-time jobs to support her ailing brother and debt-ridden mother.  As each young woman struggles with their own personal issues, they come to find that having each other around makes life more bearable. Will the friendship that blossoms between them give each of them the strength to overcome the trials they each face? Full of life’s ups and downs, “Youth” is a 2018 Chinese slice-of-life drama directed by Ding Zi Guang.