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I Cannot Hug You


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I Cannot Hug You


A modern-day vampire lives among humans and derives her energy by touching people. Li Shi Ya (Zhang Yu Xi) remains aloof in her daily life but only makes human contact for her survival.

One day, Jiang Zhi Hao (Xing Zhao Lin) comes into Shi Ya’s life as her next-door neighbor. Zhi Hao piques Shi Ya’s interest like no one else ever has, and she wants to get close to him. But Zhi Hao is a germaphobe who tries to keep his distance from those around him for his own reasons. Can Shi Ya and Zhi Hao help each other in unexpected ways?

“I Cannot Hug You” is a 2017-2018 Chinese web drama series. It is based on a Korean webtoon called “unTouchable” by Massstar.

Original title
Romanized title
Wu Fa Yong Bao De Ni
Also known as
I Can’t Hug You, Untouchable, Can Not Hug You, I Can Not Embrace You, Touch Me, Cannot Hug You,
Volunteer Team
Hug Me If You Can
Broadcast Network
Sohu TV
Broadcast Period
11-20-2017 to 03-30-2018
China Web Drama Romance Drama


Episode 18
EN 0% China
Episode 17
EN 0% China
I Cannot Hug You Episode 16
Episode 16
EN 100% China
I Cannot Hug You Episode 15
Episode 15
EN 100% China
I Cannot Hug You Episode 14
Episode 14
EN 100% China
I Cannot Hug You Episode 13
Episode 13
EN 100% China


Xing Zhao Lin
Main Cast
Zhang Yu Xi
Main Cast
Xu Kai Cheng
Supporting Cast
Dai Jing Yao
Supporting Cast

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