Return the World to You

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Campus couple and budding young designers Yi En (Gülnezer Bextiyar) and Qi Lei (Yang Shou) decide to set up a fashion label together when they finish university. Despite some early success, the couple’s partnership appears to have been cut tragically short, when the scheming of a ruthless rival appears to cause the death of Qi Lei. The grieving Yi En refuses to give up on the dream she once shared with her sweetheart, and – though her talent, hard work, and dedication – eventually succeeds in building up a powerful fashion company. What Yi En does not know, however, is that Qi Lei is not dead after all. The “accident” that appeared to have taken his life actually only left him badly wounded. Once he recovers, he takes up the moniker Lu Zhun and returns to the fashion world, looking for answers and revenge. He is appointed as the head of a successful fashion company – and finds himself in direct competition with his former girlfriend and business partner Yi En. In the meantime, another figure from Yi En’s past – her childhood friend and fellow fashion designer Qin Ye (Jeremy Tsui) – has appeared on the scene, intent on winning her heart. And in a further unfortunate twist of fate for Yi En, her closest friend and the editor-in-chief of an influential fashion magazine, Cen Wei, (Zhao Han Ying Zi) now has romantic designs on Lu Zhun. Will romantic rivals win the day, or could love bring Yi En and Lu Zhun/Qi Lei back together? Would reigniting their old love for one another really be enough to reverse their destiny? Or will the pressures of life at the top of the Chinese fashion industry take its toll on their romance…and the dreams they once shared? This drama was filmed in Paris, Shanghai, and Suzhou. “Return the World to You” is a 2019 Chinese drama directed by Jeff Chiang.