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Frankenstein's Love


The “Frankenstein” that is known the world over comes back to modern day Japan as an original love story.

After numerous trials and errors experimenting with bringing a dead person back to life, Dr. Franken finally creates an ugly yet kindhearted monster who will never age and die.

A man who was given life as a monster, with a dangerous body that holds a secret.

Because he's not able to life alongside humans, this monster decided to vanish.

One hundred years later, in 2017, the monster continues to live in Japan.

Hiding deep in the forest, he lives a quiet and lonely life.

He will live forever with his powerful body that is unlike any human being.

Yet he has a heart that is more human than any human in existence.

Even though he knows it's impossible, he still continues to dream of one day living as a "human".

He listens to the "human world" on the radio and gathers things that people have thrown away as he reminisces on what it's like to live as a human. 

He is a uniquely cute monster who longs to be human.

One fateful day, he meets a young woman. In despair, he no longer wants to meet humans. They scare him tremendously. He fears that they won't accept him. But he wants to meet, talk, and laugh with humans.

Until one day, the monster falls in love with a human.

It's a love that won't bear fruit, for his body holds a secret that prevents him from touching any human being.

This story is about a sorrowful monster who shows humans a love they've never known before. Moved by his unflinching love, the humans make the most out of their lives in moments bitter and sweet, in tears and in laughter. Through it all, there is much love. 

Original title
Romanized title
Furankenshutain no Koi
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Frankenstein's Love Volunteer Team
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Broadcast Period
04-23-2017 to 06-25-2017
Japan Drama Sci-Fi Romance


Frankenstein's Love Episode 1
Episode 1
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Frankenstein's Love Episode 2
Episode 2
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Frankenstein's Love Episode 3
Episode 3
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Frankenstein's Love Episode 4
Episode 4
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Frankenstein's Love Episode 5
Episode 5
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Frankenstein's Love Episode 6
Episode 6
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Go Ayano
Main Cast
Fumi Nikaido
Main Cast
Yuya Yagira
Main Cast
Takumi Saito
Supporting Cast

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