Listen up, housewives! The cutest yet most dangerous heroine the world has ever seen comes to your rescue! Those who dream of becoming a fabulous yet low-key housewife would envy thirty-year-old Nami Isayama. After a tainted past, she decides to reinvent herself and live a quiet life. She marries a man she met at a dating party and moves to an upscale neighborhood. Things are smooth-sailing and she has everything she needs. Or so it seems. Only six months into her marriage and Nami is already full of struggles. She's a terrible cook--the mere act of slicing a cabbage ends up in failure and the dressing she makes from scratch turns out horribly. These days, her husband prefers to eat out. But what gets to her the most is how simple and boring her days are. She supposedly dreamed of a "normal family life," but it doesn't take long to realize that it's not enough for her.  One day, she suddenly realizes that all the seemingly-happy housewives around her are actually carrying their own burdens.  Nami makes a vow: "I'll rescue them!"  Nami is a disaster when it comes to cooking, cleaning, and housework in general, but she is a champion of justice who becomes incredibly dangerous when angry. She despises bad behavior and can't turn a blind eye to evil people! Why does she suddenly have a need for thrill? The reason lies in her past, which she keeps hidden even to her husband. Born and raised an orphan, Nami has had to toughen up to make it through a life devoid of love. Her first taste of kindness and warmth comes from her husband and her housewife friends. After growing up so unique that she doesn't know what "normal" is, just how will she solve the many problems of the other ladies?! Packed with laughter and action, this drama sends love and encouragement to all the women out there who live life to the fullest!