May I Blackmail You?

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“Blackmailer”— the shady hero who saves people using evil tactics vs The ultimate goody two-shoes “princess girlfriend” "May I blackmail you?" It all started with a suspicious video that was suddenly sent to her house. In it, a masked man who calls himself "Blackmailer" facetiously claims that he has taken her "boyfriend" hostage. If his life is precious to her, she needs to pay ransom to save him. "But wait a minute... I've never even had a boyfriend," she recalls. This bizarre case of mistaken identity sparks the beginning of fun-filled days for "Blackmailer" Senkawa, "girlfriend material goody two-shoes" Mio, and their friends. Using blackmail to solve problems, "Blackmailer" is a "professional villain" who takes on cases that the police and investigators can't handle. When not busy being a "hero of darkness" who uses "evil" to save people, he's an easy-to-flatter sedentary guy with an odd fashion sense. He loves to make silly jokes, but nobody pays him any attention. The "princess," on the other hand, is a college student who has never had a boyfriend. Although she lives a simple life, she's actually a super rich kid who can easily throw down hundreds of thousands of dollars whenever she wants. Sweet and kind, she's definitely girlfriend material. The slightest bit of evil bothers her, and she often sticks her nose into the problems of strangers. Two polar opposites who should have never crossed paths end up getting involved in numerous cases. Follow them as they solve one problem after another in this poppy crime mystery!