Miracle That We Met

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Song Hyun Cheul (Kim Myung Min) is a financial industry hotshot. At 42 years old, he is the youngest bank manager in the business and has been placed in charge of a prestigious branch in the affluent Gangnam district of Seoul. To outsiders, his kindly wife Seon Hye Jin (Kim Hyun Joo) seems like the luckiest woman alive. But that sadly isn’t the case. Song Hyung Cheul is a cold, authoritative, workaholic and distant husband – and to make matters worse, he also seems to have struck up an overly close relationship with a woman at the office. But when bank manager Seok Hyun Chuel suddenly dies, there is a mighty mix-up in the afterlife, and his body is mistakenly occupied by the soul of another 42-year-old man also named Song Hyun Cheul (Go Chang Suk), the tender-hearted owner of a debt-ridden restaurant, who just happens to die at the very same time. Suddenly in possession of a rich man’s livelihood, the “new” Seok Hyun Cheul is torn between his new-found affections for Seon Hye Jin and his devoted wife Cho Yeon Hwa (Ra Mi Ran) – who has unfortunately inherited her dead husband’s debt. And the whole scenario is complicated yet further when Seon Hye Jin’s new boss develops a crush on her – and her “new” husband starts behaving like a real gentleman to her all of a sudden! How will all this romantic chaos end? “Miracle That We Met” is a 2018 South Korean drama directed by Lee Hyung Min and Jo Woong.