Begonia Rouge

Hai Tang's Rouge Shines Through in the Rain


On a quest to find her missing father, Gu Hai Tang (Li Yi Tong) finds herself in Kunyang. As she searches for the truth behind her father’s disappearance, she meets Yue Xuan (Deng Lun), the second son of the Lang Family, and head of the family’s successful rouge manufactory. Despite the fact that the two can’t seem to get along, Hai Tang agrees to take on a job at the factory. Working closely with Yue Xuan, Hai Tang finds herself coming to regard her argumentative boss as a friend. Yue Xuan, on the other hand, enjoys bickering with Hai Tang on a daily basis, but he never allows himself to think of her as anything more than an employee. Denying what he truly feels, Yue Xuan agrees to help his family trick Hai Tang into marrying his disfigured older brother, Yue Ming (Hanson Ying), who has taken a liking to the feisty Hai Tang.  Trapped in a marriage she doesn’t want, Hai Tang hates Yue Xuan for not only lying to her, but for the part he played in setting up her despised marriage. Desperate to change her fate, Hai Tang agrees to treat her husbands face, but only if the family agrees to hand over her divorce papers. Agreeing to her terms, Hai Tang earns her freedom but loses her best friend. Only after Hai Tang leaves, does Yue Xuan realize his feelings for her. Admitting his faults and acknowledging his feelings, Yue Xuan sets out to win Hai Tang’s heart, but the road ahead won’t be easy. Roiled by jealousy, Yue Ming is determined to ruin his brother’s happiness in every way possible.  With hardships pressing in on all sides, and the truth behind her father’s disappearance finally revealed, will Hai Tang and Yue Xuan ever find a way to be happy together, or will life find a way to tear them apart? A tangled tale of lies and love, “Begonia Rouge” is a 2019 historical romance drama directed by He Shu Pei.