Pretty Man

Nation’s Husband, Bringing the Nation's Husband Home
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What could possibly go wrong with a fake relationship? Qiao An Hao (Sierra Li) and Lu Jin Nian (Dylan Xiong) have a history together. They were very much in love in high school but misunderstandings kept the two apart. More than a decade later, Jin Nia has become a successful CEO of an entertainment company and An Hao is trying to make it into the business as an actress. When An Hao and Jin Nian cross paths again, Jin Nian realizes he has a need that An Hao can fulfill. An Hao and Jin Nian enter into a fake marriage, but there are layers of complication as Jin Nian is pretending to be his younger brother, who is in a coma. But can they pull off the contractual relationship without their past feelings for one another getting in the way? “Pretty Man” is a 2018 Chinese drama series directed by Zhou Xiao Peng. It is adapted from the novel Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home by Ye Fei Ye.