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Absolute Boyfriend

Roco King, Romcom King
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Love is never easy, which is why Da Da (Minah) has sworn off men forever. The long-time girlfriend of a popular actor, Ma Wang Joon (Hong Jong Hyun), Da Da never had an easy love life. After seven years with a man too popular for his own good, Da Da decides enough is enough. Alone for the first time in years, the special effects makeup artist finds herself alone. But not for long.   When an odd package is delivered to her by mistake, Da Da can’t help but take a quick peek inside. Falling into her arms, the second the box is opened, Zero Nine (Yeo Jin Goo), the state-of-the-art robot companion, is activated by their accidental “kiss”.   Unintentionally thrust into the seven-day trial period, Da Da finds herself stuck taking care of this handsome “boyfriend” for the next week. With such a perfect companion by her side, you’d think Da Da would be more than satisfied with her new love life. But when Ma Wang Joon turns up, things get a little more complicated.   A hilarious girl meets boy/meets robot love story, “Absolute Boyfriend” is a 2019 Viki Original drama series based on the ever-popular manga, “Zettai Kareshi” by Yuu Watase.