100 Days My Prince

100 Days of Husband
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Yul (Do Kyung Soo) is the King’s nephew who prefers to spend his days playing instead of being studious and ambitious. In one of his play days, he crosses paths with the kind and compassionate Yi Seo (Nam Ji Hyun) and falls in love with her.   In this background, Yul’s father (Jo Han Chul) is a jealous man who vies for the throne, and schemes together with Kim Cha Eon (Jo Sung Ha). On one night, Cha Eon runs a coup that kills the King and his trusted allies, including Yi Seo’s father. Yi Seo escapes with her brother, unbeknownst to Yul, who was trying to protect her. Yul’s father becomes King, and Yul is now the Crown Prince.   Sixteen years later - Yul loses his memory after an assassination attempt. How will this lead him back to Yi Seo, and what fate awaits them?