The Wolf

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Enjoy 2 new episodes every Monday to Friday PST with Viki Pass Standard & Viki Pass Plus! New episodes are updated every Thu to Sat PST for non Viki Pass users! Check out the calendar for the exact dates. A teenage boy (Darren Wang) who has been raised by wolves and has developed keen, supernatural-like senses, meets a woman named Ma Zhai Xing (Li Qin), the teenage daughter of a government official – and the duo strikes up a firm friendship. But Wolf Boy knows little about the ways of civilized society and is easily duped by Ma Zhai Xing’s brother into offending a powerful group of people who then hunt him down and push him from a cliff. However, the fall has not killed the boy, instead just leaving him badly injured. The Yang ruler Chu Kui (Ding Yong Dai) has learned of Wolf Boy – and goes searching for the youth. He believes he can make use of the boy’s powers and eventually adopts him as his own son, keeping his true identity a secret. Raised to be ruthless and fiercely loyal to Chu Kui, he is eventually named as a royal prince. But eight years after the prince’s fateful fall, he is suddenly reunited with Ma Zhai Xing. Could old emotions resurface, or has too much water passed under the bridge? “The Wolf” is a 2020 Chinese drama series that was produced by Chen Yu Shan.