The Love Knot: His Excellency's First Love

Moonshine and Valentine
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It will be an assignment that will change her life. Guan Pi Pi (Victoria Song) is an eager, young newspaper intern who gets an assignment go find and interview an elusive antique dealer, He Lan Jing Ting (Johnny Huang). But Pi Pi soon learns that Jing Ting is no ordinary man. As Pi Pi tries to research everything she can about Jing Ting, she finds out that he only eats flowers, bathes in the moonlight, is blind during the day but has superior vision at night. Known as the Jade Master, Jing Ting is actually the right priest of the Fox Clan who is trying to keep humans safe from his arch nemesis, Zhao Song (Jiang Qi Lin), the left priest of the Fox Clan. As Pi Pi is chasing down the story of her life, she is devastated to find out that her best friend, Tian Xin (Xu Fang Yi), and her childhood sweetheart, Tao Jia Lin (Xu Kai Cheng), have betrayed her. Is Jing Ting the only person who can make Pi Pi’s life whole again? “The Love Knot: His Excellency's First Love” is a 2018 Chinese drama series.