Cinderella Chef

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Can history handle her hi-jinks? Ye Jia Yao (Zhong Dan Ni) is a modern-day chef who runs a mobile diner. A dejected young man comes in one day and asks her to cook his last meal before he commits suicide. It turns out that he is upset over the fact that his professor had stolen all of his data for a time machine that he built. As the two get to talking, the young man decides to take Jia Yao to his lab to show her the time machine. But a series of events leads to Jia Yao being catapulted back to ancient times in the body of Lady Ye, who had been kidnapped by bandits of the Black Wind Fortress, led by the powerful Bai Chong Ye (Zhao Jian), a legendary FuYi Master. Jia Yao meets Xia Chun Yu (Bie Thassapak Hsu), who is actually an undercover agent for the king. He had infiltrated the Black Wind Fortress bandits to investigate a plot to overthrow the king. Under the guise of a fake marriage, can Jia Yao help Chun Yu maintain peace in the kingdom? “Cinderella Chef” is a 2018 Chinese drama series.