Beautiful Reborn Flower


Mainland China, Romantic Comedy

Beautiful Reborn Flower


Since the day they were born, twin sisters Qiao Man (Lin Yun) and Nan Sheng (Lin Yun), have always looked out for each other. As children they were inseparable, but when their parents divorced, their world came crashing down around them. Forced to part, one grew up with their mother, while the other was raised by their father. Never allowed to meet, the two lost something precious and irreplaceable, and the loss nearly destroyed them. But time is a great healer and as the sisters grew up, they found ways to move on, hoping that one day they might be reunited. 

As fate would have it, Nan Sheng and Qiao Man’s wish to be reunited eventually came true when they both unknowingly enrolled in the same university. As awkward as it may have been to be suddenly reunited with an estranged sister, things quickly become even more complicated when Qiao Man realizes she’s fallen for Nan Sheng’s boyfriend, Lin Heping (Song Wei Long). Knowing she can never voice her feelings for Heping, Qiao Man can only watch in pained silence as Nan Shen’s relationship with Heping goes from perfect, to rocky, to over.

Years later, Qiao Man receives an unexpected shock when Heping is introduced to her as the newest member of her team at work. Now professional colleagues Qian Man feels obligated to try to fix the broken relationship between her sister and then man she loves, despite the fact she seems to be falling for him a little more every day. Will Qian Man continue to sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of her sister or will she finally decide to follow the desires of her heart?

Adapted from Annie Baobei’s novel of the same name, “Beautiful Reborn Flower” is a 2020 romantic drama directed by Wang Xiao Kang. 

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Bi An Hua
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05-01-2020 to 06-12-2020
Mainland China Romantic Comedy


Beautiful Reborn Flower Episode 1
Episode 1
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Beautiful Reborn Flower Episode 2
Episode 2
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Beautiful Reborn Flower Episode 3
Episode 3
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Beautiful Reborn Flower Episode 4
Episode 4
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Beautiful Reborn Flower Episode 5
Episode 5
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Beautiful Reborn Flower Episode 6
Episode 6
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